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Century Bank now offers MyCardRules™, a mobile app that allows Century Bank Mastercard®  Debit cardholders to monitor debit card usage, control and detect fraud, and set serveral preferences on how your Mastercard® debit card can be used. 1. 2

Enrolled cardholders will receive real-time alerts on pre-determined transactions, settings and rules.

Lose a card? Turn your card "off" for added safety until you reach the bank. Find your card in the meantime? What a relief! Simply Turn your card back "on".

On a budget? Tell the app what your spending limits are and stay within transaction limits.3

MyCardRules™ features include the ability to:

  • Turn your Mastercard® debit card ON/OFF with the tap of a finger
  • View recent debit card transactions and activity
  • Set location preferences by location, region, or country to define the areas in which your card can or cannot by used
  • Set spend limits on transactions to specify a transaction amount above which transactions are denied
  • Set specific transaction types to allow or refuse (in-store, eCommerce, mail or phone orders, auto pay, ATMs, etc.)
  • Set specific merchant types to allow or refuse (department stores, gas stations, grocery store, etc.)
  • Customize alerts that will be pushed to your mobile device
  • Add multiple cards

Download the app today!


Click here for the MyCardRules App Guide.

Need more information? Call or visit us at any of our convenient locations during normal business hours.

1. This service is provided at no addtional cost. However, you may incur charges to receive internet, cellular or other data service on your mobile device. You may also incur charges from your telecommunications carrier when sending and receiving information in connection with your use of MyCardRules™.

2. MyCardRules™ is a mobile application developed and maintained by Jack Henry and Associates for financial institutions that use JHA Card Processing Solutions™ for their debit card processing.

3. Daily Point of Sale Transaction Limits and ATM Cash Withdrawal Limits are predetermined by Century Bank - Please contact us for assistance.