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Century Bank is happy to announce that your new EMV chip debit card will be arriving soon! Your current Century Bank VISA®Debit Card will be replaced with a Century Bank Debit MasterCard® and will be enhanced with EMV chip technology. This means that your new card will have additional security features and can be used at chip-enabled payment terminals—close to home and around the world.

Chip-enabled cards provide greater fraud protection. When you use your card at a chip-enabled terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique transaction code. If someone were able to intercept one of your chip transactions they would not be able to use that information again. This helps prevent debit card fraud. To use your card at a chip-enabled terminal, simply insert your card and follow the prompts!

Your Century Bank Debit MasterCard® can still be used at point of sale terminals or ATMs where MasterCard® is universally accepted. As with your current debit card, you will be required to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or sign for transactions.

Along with your new card, you will be receiving a new PIN for your Century Bank Debit MasterCard® in a separate mailing. Information on creating your own PIN will be sent with your new Debit MasterCard®.

To learn more about the new Century Bank Debit MasterCard®  click here.

You will receive a new PIN for your Debit MasterCard® in a separate envelope. You must have the computer issued PIN if you wish to select a new PIN.
Your current VISA® Debit Card will be deactivated as soon as your Debit MasterCard® is activated!

Please Note: If you have authorized automatic payments using your debit card (i.e. Insurance premiums, loan payments, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc.), you will need to provide these merchants with your new Debit MasterCard®  number. You must do this to avoid rejected payments and possible late charges.

You current POS (Point of Sale) Purchase Limits and ATM Cash Withdrawal Limits will not change with your new MasterCard®  debit card.

Customers who currently have a Century Bank ATM card will receive a Century Bank Debit MasterCard® that can be used at any ATM; however, POS capabilities will not be enabled.

Century Bank's agreement with the MoneyPass® ATM network will continue to allow you to use any MoneyPass®  ATM without incurring a "Foreign ATM Service Charge" from the owner of the ATM.

MoneyPass®       MoneyPass          ATM Network


 Card Activation
  • To activate your card, please call 505.424.2828. Select Option 1 for English or Option 2 for Spanish. Then select Option 6 and follow the instructions.
  • If you have Online Banking, you may activate your card at
  • You may also activate your card using your PIN at any Century Bank ATM.
  • For security purposes, after activating your new Debit MasterCard® please destroy your old card immediately.

By activating and using your debit card you are agreeing to the terms and conditions governing usage of the card as outlined in the "Notice of Change - Electronic Funds Transfers, Your Rights and Responsibilities" sent to you in May, 2016. To obtain an additional copy of this agreement, please call us at 505.424.2888.

To Change Your PIN

You will receive a new PIN for your new Debit MasterCard® in a separate envelope. You must have this PIN to do one of the following:

  • Call 844.810.7606. You will be prompted to enter your debit card number, existing PIN and new PIN, OR
  • Call 505.424.2828. Select Option 7. You will be prompted to enter your debit card number, existing PIN and new PIN, OR
  • Bring your new Debit MasterCard® to any Century Bank ATM along with your computer generated PIN and select the "Change PIN" option on the screen, OR
  • Bring your new Debit MasterCard® in to any of our convenient locations along with your computer generated PIN and our staff will assist you in changing your PIN.

To ensure your card is available without interruption, please let us know in advance if you will be traveling domestically outside of New Mexico or internationally. Please note that you may be required to use your PIN when making certain types of transactions outside of the State of New Mexico.

How to Protect your Debit Card

Please notify the bank if you change phone numbers to ensure that we are able to contact you regarding transaction activity on your account.

 Treat your card like cash and keep it in a secure location.

  •  Don’t write your PIN on your card, keep it with your debit card, or share it with anyone.
  •  Don’t use obvious or easily guessed numbers for your PIN, such as your date of birth or “1111” or “1234”
  •  Don’t provide your account number to anyone or allow anyone to use your debit card.
  •  Check your monthly statements for unauthorized transactions. Contact Century Bank immediately at 505.424.2888 if there are any suspicious charges.

IMMEDIATELY contact Century Bank at 505.424.2888 if your debit card is lost or stolen. To report a

lost or stolen card after business hours, please call 1.866.546.8273.