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Mortgage Loan Originator Position/Title NMLS ID # Department/Branch
Alan D. Overton SVP/Sr. Commerical Loan Officer 1124848 Commercial Loans/De Vargas
Amanda Elaine Bates Universal Banker 856865 Retail/Albuquerque
Aubree A. Russell Universal Banker 1927246 Retail/Albuquerque
Brenda Rodriguez Lead Teller/Universal Banker 2275590 Retail/DeVargas
Catherine E. Jaramillo Branch Manager 1571559 Retail/De Vargas
Claudia P. Martinez Universal Banker 1623178 Retail/Española
Denise DuPont Universal Banker 264438 Retail/Rodeo
Elena Marie Chavez AVP/Assistant Branch Manager 716697 Retail/Española
Eric T. Cortez Universal Banker 1469390 Retail/Española
J. Harmon Burttram Jr. VP/Commercial Loan Officer 728665 Commercial Loans/De Vargas
Jennifer N. Gonzales Universal Banker 907565 Retail/Española
Joel G. Baca Branch Manager 2120408 Retail/St. Michael's
JoAnn Bolleter AVP/Branch Manager 1875806 Retail/Rodeo
Karen Annette Easton VP/Branch Manager 1618254 Retail/Los Alamos
Keith J. Szabat SVP/Retail Manager 1652927 Retail/Downtown
Kendell K. Holmes VP/Consumer Lending Manager 653656 Consumer Loans/Albuquerque
Kiara L. Castillo Universal Banker  1939381 Retail/DeVargas
Laura E. Holguin VP/Branch Manager 728675 Retail/Las Cruces
Leihanne Rael Mendiola Consumer Lender 836807 Consumer Loans/Rodeo
Leora N. Todacheenie Branch Manager 836809 Retail/Albuquerque
Leroy A. Baca VP/Commercial Banking & Mortgage Services 299839 Commercial Lending/DeVargas
Lynda L. Martinez Universal Banker 804196 Retail/Albuquerque
Maheli M. Hall Universal Banker 1939380 Retail/Downtown
Marlana Lopez Universal Banker 2141894 Retail/Albuquerque
Patrick M. Metzger Universal Banker 1974538 Retail/Los Alamos
Paula J. Paña AVP/Consumer Lender 1207811 Consumer Loans/Española
Robert G. Jurgensen VP/Bank CRA Officer 728662 Retail/Albuquerque
Sara Archuleta-Trujillo Assistant Branch Manager 720326 Retail/Albuquerque
Shanna Ortega Assistant Branch Manager 1286638 Retail/Española
Shannon G. Maxwell AVP/Branch Manager 777707 Retail/Downtown
Sharon Gallegos Assistant Branch Manager 767054 Retail/Downtown
Steve William Apodaca SVP/Senior Commercial Lender 2159648 Commercial Loans/DeVargas
Theresa L. Lucero VP/Branch Manager 728670 Retail/Española
Thomas Martinez Market President 728671 Retail/Española
Wanda M. Archuleta VP/Branch Manager 492593 Retail/Albuquerque

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