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Statue of Liberty and tagline

The Story Behind Our Next Chapter

When thinking about our new logo, we wanted it to look strong and stable; invoke feelings of opportunity and freedom; to sound committed, welcoming, trustworthy, and optimistic. We found an icon that represents all that and more: Lady Liberty.

Our new logo represents what Century Bank stands for and our vision for the future of banking. Like Lady Liberty, we represent the notions of legacy, longevity, freedom, inclusivity, and choice. She is a trusted icon, as we strive to be for our local communities.

As a bank that has been around for more than a century, we are steadfast and stable. Our banking services offer customers opportunity and flexibility with the freedom to choose what serves them best. Century Bank has established a legacy of commitment, and we offer others the opportunity to protect and preserve their financial legacy.

At our core, we represent our people – our customers, our employees – and all who make up our community.

A Symbol of STRENGTH for More Than a Century