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Businesses require a banking partner that will support their treasury management needs today and deliver strategic solutions, new technology, and industry specific insights as their needs evolve over time.

In addition, we understand your business needs a partner that is:

  • Responsive to your day-to day needs
  • Supportive and collaborative as you continue to grow
  • Proactive in presenting new technologies and best practices in your industry
  • Conservative in its approach to managing costs and preserving your existing capital
  • Inclusive and socially responsible in its commitment to the communities they serve and the values they uphold

Commitment to you and your goals

At Century Bank we have a long-standing reputation for helping our clients achieve their goals, while also delivering world class customer service. We strive to understand our customers' strategies, which may include:
Increasing returns on
technology investments
Reducing manual
data entry
Improving internal 
processes to mitigate risk
Leveraging automation
to reduce disbursement
and collections cost

Solutions for your success

Collaborate with a local Treasury Management professional for solutions that will positively impact the way you do business. Together we will evaluate your current back-room processes to drive measurable results.

  • Electronic Statements
  • Stop Payments
  • Image Retrieval
  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) - Zero Balance Accounts are primarily used to manage cash efficiently. While always connected to a main account (concentration account), whenever funds are needed in the ZBA, an automated transfer occurs from the main account to the ZBA in the amount required. Benefits include risk control, automation, spending control and easy tracking. 
  • Investments and Credit Sweeps - An Investment Sweep account transfers excess funds to an investment account until needed. You set your target balances and automation takes care of the rest. A Credit Sweep account transfers excess funds, you set the target amount, to reduce the credit line balance. If funds are needed, an automatic transfer occurs to satisfy the need. 
  • Insured Cash Sweep® (ICS) - Secure large deposits in FDIC-insured, interest-earning accounts while still maintaining access to your funds. ICS funds can be placed in demand deposit accounts, money market deposit accounts, or both, depending on your preference.
  • BAI - Utilize BAI file format for performing electronic cash management reporting. Download from within Online Banking or use SFTP for automatic transmission into your accounting software

  • Remote Deposit - Scan checks and make same-day deposits and eliminate trips to the bank.  
  • Lockbox - Centralize collection of payments with remittance services.
  • SmartSafe - Utilize smart safes installed at your location and coordinate with an armored carrier service to make automated deposits to your account.
  • R-Hub Receivables - Streamline processing for posting lockbox and bill payments into one location.
  • Courier Services - Set up courier services to have your cash and checks delivered to the Bank. Courier services are limited to Albuquerque, NM at this time. 
  • Merchant Services - Customers carry more cards than cash. Utilize merchant services for payment with various solutions to meet your needs. Century Bank, in collaboration with Fitech, merchants can offer a wide range of card-based options to their customers. Accepting card-based programs can help to enhance your business’s cash flow and help reduce the staff and time burden of billing and collection. 

  • ACH - Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) makes the distribution and settlement of payroll, cash concentration, disbursements and collections quicker and easier. Transfer securely and eliminate the risk of lost or stolen checks.
  • Wires - Make same-day funds transfers for domestic and international wires.
  • Integrated payables - Improve your payment process by automating and incorporating all payment types: ACH, Checks and Virtual Card. Eliminate manual process and improve account payable workflows.

  • ACH filters and blocks - Choose to have all ACH debits returned automatically if presented against your account or you can have them filtered, allowing only those you’ve authorized.
  • Positive Pay - Identify fraudulent checks presented on your accounts by verifying each check's authenticity. Positive Pay helps fight the “would be” counterfeiters by quickly identifying suspect items. It is a tactical weapon to combat check fraud, and with Internet access, provides an early detection system that’s easy for you to manage.

Running a business requires surrounding yourself with other professionals who you can trust to share their expertise. Our team can help you reach your financial goals with customized solutions and sound advice.

Call us today for more information about how we can help you build a customized Treasury Management program:

  • Anita Dunmar, SVP | Director of Treasury and Digital Product and Operations
  • Colleen Hanley, SVP | Senior Treasury Management Consultant
  • Shariah Pohl, VP| Treasury Management Implementations and Operations Manager
  • Bryce McGuire, VP | Treasury Management Consultant
  • Jazmin Marquez, AVP | Treasury Management Sales Associate
  • David Aragon, Treasury Management Implementation Sales Analyst
  • Lucila Aragon, Commercial Payables Solutions Specialist
  • Lynda Martinez, Treasury Management Client Support Specialist
  • Mallory Garcia, Treasury Management Client Support Specialist  
 Treasury Management Client Support
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